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Hiring local contractors to support the construction of Ross River Solar Farm will inject substantial funding into the local Townsville economy.

Local employment matters to us

Where possible, we employ Australian workers with the right skills to work alongside our specialist project teams and operations staff. We also try to support the economic growth of the region by ensuring money we spend on services goes to local businesses in the immediate area or from within Australia.

Hiring local contractors to support the construction of Ross River Solar Farm will inject substantial funding into both the Townsville and wider-Australian economy.

Around 250 jobs will be created during construction, with a further five full time and ten part time ongoing jobs available once the solar farm is operating. Jobs will include surveyors, engineers, civil contractors, metal fabricators, electricians, fencing, security and telecommunications specialists, builders and general labourers.

Recruitment is happening now to ensure we have a pool of appropriately skilled local workers to work alongside our specialist project team and operations staff. Individuals or companies that would like to understand the opportunities for local and Australian Industries can contact us by email here.

Current Australian Industry Supply Opportunities​

Procurement package Planned tender issue date
Earthing Cable Supply - Current out to tender Out for Tender
LV AC Cable Supply Out for Tender
PV Modules Clips Supply Out for Tender
DC Cable Lugs Supply 23.10.2017
Civil Works (PCU concrete foundations, O & M building slab, control building slab, Switchyard slab and side roads, drains) 25.10.2017
33kV Trenching and Cable Installation Out for Tender
HV Cable Terminations & Testing No longer required as works are included in Package EI008 Electrical Installation
33kV Control Building (Incl. Panel Room) Supply & Installation Awarded
33kv protection , control metering, SCADA panels and communications No longer required as the supply is included in the Control Building supply package
33kV/415v station service transformer (Auxiliary Transformer) 16.10.2017
Battery Bank 31.10.2017
AC & DC distribution board 31.10.2017
Harmonic filter 31.10.2017
O & M Buildings & Warehouse Supply & Install 25.10.2017
Landscaping 23.10.2017