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How much electricity does the solar farm produce?

The solar farm provides approximately 300,000 MWh of clean, zero-emission electricity every year – enough to power approximately 54,000 houses across QLD.

Where is the solar farm?
The project has been built on a disused mango farm approximately 20km south east of Townsville. This location is well suited to a solar farm, with high levels of sunlight and close proximity to the existing electricity grid.
How many panels does the solar farm use to generate energy?
The solar farm uses 413,280 crystalline solar photovoltaic modules, known more commonly as solar panels. These panels are identical in type but larger in size to those used on household rooftops throughout Australia.
Who owns Ross River Solar Farm?
Ross River Solar Farm is 100% owned by Palisade Investment Partners. The site is operated by Palisade Integrated Management Services.
How long will the solar farm operate?
The solar farm is expected to operate for up to 40 years. After this time, the plant will either be refurbished for further use or fully decommissioned.
Will the project be expanded in the future given there is nearby land?
No, it is not expected that the project will be expanded in the future given the land based constraints.
How is the project funded?

The project is funded through equity commitments from the Palisade Renewable Energy Fund and three of Palisade’s institutional clients; the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), Aware Super and HESTA. Major energy retailer, EnergyAustralia, has entered into a 13-year power purchase agreement for 80 percent of all electricity generated by Ross River Solar Farm.

Will the development create lower power prices for residents?
New utility-scale solar projects like Ross River Solar Farm can reduce the strain on the electricity network. This in turn, can help to reduce wholesale prices for electricity. Households and businesses may see a positive impact on their energy costs if energy retailers opt to pass on these reductions to customers.
Do you provide sponsorship?
We believe it’s important to support the local community in which we operate. The operators of Ross River Solar Farm have established the Community Grant Fund, to direct community funding to suitable organisations up to $20,000 per annum.
How does the solar farm generate power?
The solar panels are installed on ground-mounted frames that slowly track the daily movement of the sun. Using the solar energy they absorb, the solar panels then generate DC electricity that is fed into an onsite power reticulation system via DC to AC power conversion units before being dispatched to the 132 kV electricity transmission network via the Ross River Bulk Supply Substation.
How often do you have to upgrade the technology?
Once constructed, it is not proposed that the technology would be upgraded. With regular maintenance, the solar farm is expected to operate for up to 40 years.